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Investment choice

How your investment choice works

When you make a choice, the Trustee does not actually acquire an interest on your behalf in the investment option. As a member you are notionally invested in the investment option. As part of the Trustee’s investment strategy it would have pre-determined the amount it will invest with any particular investment manager. Consequently, the Trustee has pre-existing contractual relationships with its underlying investment managers. The Trustee selects managers and invests money with them via direct investment mandates or pooled trusts. Members do not have a contractual relationship with the investment managers.

As a member of the Fund you receive the notional net investment earnings allocated to your member account. This is made up of a combined earning rate of all the underlying investment manager(s) of your selected investment option less any applicable fees and taxes.

For example, the Trustee might have invested $10 million in Global Shares. A member then exercises investment choice, and directs the Trustee to invest $10,000 of their account balance in that investment option. The Trustee does not invest a further $10,000 (on top of the $10 million already invested) but notionally allocates the net investment earnings received from that investment option to the members account on the basis the member had notionally invested $10,000 in that investment option.

Standard risk measure (SRM)

The standard risk measure (SRM) is an investment risk classification system developed to enable you to compare investment options across superannuation funds. The SRM contains 7 risk levels from very low to very high, with each level based on the estimated number of negative annual returns over any 20-year period. For example, a very low risk investment option means less than 0.5 negative annual returns in a 20-year period, while a very high risk option means 6 or more negative annual returns in a 20-year period.

Risk Band

Estimated number of negative annual  returns over any 20 year period

Risk Label


Less than 0.5

Very Low


0.5 to less than 1



1 to less than 2

Low to medium


2 to less than 3



3 to less than 4

Medium to high


4 to less than 6



6 or greater

Very high

Your right to choose investment options

Our great range of options means your great range of choices.

We have an extensive range of investment options, so you can tailor your choices around your exact requirements.

WA Super’s 9 investment options for Retirement Solutions members are:
– Diversified Moderate
– Diversified High Growth
– Diversified Conservative
– Australian Shares
– Global Shares
– Sustainable Future
– Property and Infrastructure
– Bonds
– Cash

Changing your investment strategy

If you are making contributions to your super and you would like to change the investment strategy into which those contributions are placed, can be done by completing a Change in Investment options form which is available from the Member Forms and Publications page. Your first two paper switches each financial year are free. Any switches after that will cost $50.00 per switch.

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