About Us

WA Super is a Western Australian based industry style super fund available to anyone who is eligible to have a superannuation account. We manage around $3.5 billion of retirement savings for approximately 60,000 members and have been around for over 35 years.

We hold a 'MySuper' licence from APRA which means WA Super is able to be nominated as a default fund. Over 4,000 Western Australian businesses contribute to WA Super on behalf of their employees.

Concept One merger

In February 2018, over 20,000 Concept One members were welcomed to WA Super as part of a successful merger. The Concept One Board made the decision that this move was in their members’ best interests. This merger between two highly compatible funds offered a number of enhancements to both existing and new members, including increased economies of scale. Concept One members can now access an expanded suite of services, including financial advice, lower fees and more investment options.

Our vision

WA Super's vision is to deliver a comfortable retirement for our members. A comfortable retirement is about much more than just having the financial means to live adequately. It's about knowing and understanding your retirement savings, feeling safe that the organisation at the other end of the phone, on the other side of the desk or in a meeting room, is acting in your best interests.

It's about trust and confidence in the hands of the provider.

Our approach

WA Super has a holistic approach to delivering a comfortable retirement for our members. We provide high quality service, education and advice to help our members understand their super, to have confidence in us and make informed choices. We go the extra mile in administration to make life comfortable for our members, to make it easy, making sure the money gets to the bank at the right time, and to make sure contributions go to the right place.

We put the effort in to make it hassle free. We ensure insurance claims are handled compassionately whilst making the process as painless as possible for the member. All of this shows that ensuring our members have a comfortable retirement is about so much more than just delivering financial adequacy.

This holistic attitude and approach to retirement comfort is our point of differentiation, our competitive advantage and answers the question - "Why WA Super?"

Our services

We offer our members:

  • Low fees
  • No entry fees, no hidden fees
  • No commissions to financial planners or advisors
  • Friendly Member Services team a phone call away
  • Free super workplace seminars all year round
  • One on one meetings with our consultants
  • Secure online access 24/7
  • Intrafund advice is available at no extra cost while more complex advice is available on a fee for service basis
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