Changing jobs?

Changing Jobs?

Remember, with WA Super, you have the right to keep your super for life and not be forced to change.

If you're changing jobs, it doesn't mean you have to change your super fund. Whether you are moving to a new employer or starting your own business, you can continue to use WA Super as your preferred fund. 

Sometimes people change jobs and don't give any thought to their super account. They start their new job and then end up with a new account with their new employers default super fund. Over time, this is how many Australians find themselves with multiple super accounts, paying more fees than they need to. 

Don’t waste your money. Make sure your super is working for your benefit.

Exercise your right and choose the super fund that best suits your needs today. 

How can I stay with WA Super?

Staying with us is really very easy, just follow these three steps:

  1. Tell your new employer you want your super contributions to go into your WA Super account. 
  2. Complete a Choice of Superannuation Fund form found here.
  3. Once completed, hand it to your new employer.

Why stay?

WA Super is based in Perth, Western Australia. We understand that West Australians like to deal with someone local, someone they can visit face to face if they want to.

We believe in personalised friendly service and try to keep things simple. Our Member Services staff are well trained and qualified so they can assist you with your retirement needs. WA Super’s low fees mean that more of your money remains your money. We believe that super shouldn’t be complicated or confusing. In fact, many of our members enjoy the fact that our superannuation product is simple, flexible and available to everyone. And because our fees are low and there are no hidden costs, they know that more of their money is going where they want it to go; into their retirement.

With WA Super you can be rest assured that you always get the kind of service you want, because we believe that you have the right to have a real person answer the phone when you call, you have the right to quality advice, you have the right to be heard, and you have the right to only deal with one person from start to finish when you want something resolved.

And the best part? You have the right to keep your super for life and not be forced to change.

With WA Super you’ll always enjoy these benefits:

  • Low fees
  • No entry fees, no hidden fees and no commissions
  • Flexible insurance cover
  • Secure online access to your account information 24/7
  • Workplace visits and seminars
  • A range of investment options
  • Intrafund Financial Advice at no extra cost
  • Comprehensive personal advice at competitive fee for service rates.*

Plus, your spouse can join you at WA Super, enjoy the same low fees, and get all the benefits of the Western Australian super that’s been specifically created for Western Australians.

*Personal financial advice is provided by financial planners employed by WA Local Financial Services Pty Ltd (Western Financial), a wholly owned subsidiary of WA Super, as authorised representatives of Quadrant First Pty AFSL 284443.

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