We are committed to creating an organisation of high quality people, values and systems with a common culture.

Innovation - Teamwork - People - Trust

The team is guided by a set of common values:

  • We put people first ensuring our people have the resources they need to satisfy our customers’ through prompt, courteous and helpful service.
  • We take pride in our work and ensure quality in all that we do to achieve first rate results for our members.
  • We take pride in doing first-rate work to achieve first-rate results for our customers.
  • We are accountable for our actions. We perform consistently and professionally to achieve cost effective outcomes.
  • We promote open, clear and timely communication. We make sure people are informed and consulted through frequent, timely, relevant and responsive communication.
  • Team work. We bring out the best in our people by providing an environment which enhances their trust, confidence, motivation and abilities.

It is important that our people embrace our core values and positively contribute to the corporate culture.

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