Preparing your application

The following information has been prepared to assist your application and provide a brief overview of the recruitment process.

How to apply
  • All vacancies are listed on our website and on several other job boards.
  • You will be able to download the position description which will outline the full details of the role.
  • Address the selection criteria in the advertisement and anything else that you feel may be relevant to the role you are applying for.
  • Click on the "apply online" button to submit your application. You will receive an email from us acknowledging your application.
Recruitment Process

We understand how much time is involved in applying for a new job and appreciate your efforts. Each application is considered thoroughly as part of the selection process and sometimes due to the volume of applications it may take us a little time to get back to you. We do aim to move quickly from the time we receive an application to the time we let candidates know whether they have been successful or unsuccessful.

The exact structure and content of the assessment process will depend on the role that you have applied for, as different roles require different skills but typically, this is what happens once we receive your application.

Application Short-list: All applications are reviewed and a short-list of the most suitable candidates is developed.

First Interview: This may be face-to-face or over the telephone. Each interview would normally last for about an hour, but if it is going to take longer we will let you know in advance. We want to try and find out about you so we'll ask you a lot of questions about your background. It is a good idea to be prepared to share specific examples of your work. It is also important that you ask us questions as well, it is important that you find the right employer and role for you. Most importantly be yourself, we want to discover your strengths and attributes and how you can contribute to the success of Western Financial.

Feedback: We will provide you with feedback after the first interview. If you were not successful in securing an interview we will notify you accordingly.

Second Interview: This step may not always be required however successful applicants may be asked to return for a second interview to meet key stakeholders in the organisation.

Skills assessments: We may give you a case study to prepare in advance, or we may ask you to bring in some of your previous work to the interview. These assessments can vary depending on the role that you are applying for and are designed to determine your suitability to the role.

Psychometric assessment: We may ask you to sit an ability test and personality questionnaire. This process is tailored depending on the nature of the role.

Reference checking: Please provide at least two business references. If you have not been working for a long time then a character reference should be sufficient, but we will let you know.

Qualifications: We will verify your academic qualifications during the recruitment process. If you are successful in securing a role we will need to sight original certificates and/or academic transcripts.

Compliance checks: If you are successful during the selection process you will be required to provide a National APRA Police Clearance and undergo a bankruptcy and disqualified persons check. We are governed by a strong regulatory regime and it is essential that all applicants can satisfy these requirements.

Offer: The successful candidate will be offered the position and all the terms of employment will communicated.

Acceptance: Should the candidate accept the offer a start date will be determined.

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